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Institute of Palliative Care will be 100 bedded treatment facility and will provide state of the art palliative care services to more than 5000 cancer patients annually. These palliative care services are not available anywhere in Pakistan. The facility is one of its kind in the country and is being developed under the guidance and supervision of the world renowned Palliative Care Consultants.

This will be a seat of learning for nurses and doctors so further palliative care centers will be established in different cities of Pakistan subsequently.

Institute of Palliative Care:

Key note:
Palliative Care is the treatment of symptoms and complications of cancer which is desperately needed by advanced cancer patients at a time when cancer becomes incurable and symptom management becomes most important to maintain the quality of life. Seventy percent patients present at a stage when cancer is incurable and majority of patients need palliative care sooner or later. A significant number of cancer patients who have been declared “Cured” also relapse and become incurable and need palliative care.

Palliative Care involves a holistic approach towards patient as a whole and his physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs. This necessitates special environment, customized building design to allow day light exposure, wide passages, attached bathrooms, modified bathroom accessories and special palliative care beds.

It demands specialists, nurses and paramedics, trained psychologists, religious services and support of society.

Salient features

  • “Institute of Palliative Care” of Cancer Care Hospital and Research Centre is a state of the art treatment facility for advanced cancer patients and is being completed on urgent basis. This will be a 100 bedded three storied building spread over 27 Acres of land with a covered area of over 110,000 sq ft. It will provide free of cost cancer treatment to 5000 advanced cancer patients annually. It will be the first ever palliative care service facility of Pakistan. It will also include a palliative care unit for children ith cancer.
  • Ten bedded emergency unit for emergencies of advanced cancer patients is also being constructed as a part of Institute of palliative care. This will also be the first ever dedicated cancer emergency service in Pakistan. An operation theatre and medical laboratories will provide for necessary back up.
  • Telemedicine rooms for cancer patients in remote areas and for consultation abroad have specially been designed. These are to be equipped with fiber optic cables for high speed internet and local area networking etc.
  • Conference rooms, lecture theatres, libraries and local& foreign faculty offices are designed to support the “Institute of Palliative Care” as a teaching and training facility as the subject of “Palliative Care” needs to be introduced in the medical curriculum of both under graduates and post graduates.
  • The whole building has been customized with special orientation of rooms to allow day light exposure, bathrooms are larger than usual with accessories to support physically frail and disabled.
  • A Sarai for attendants and large kitchen is attached with Institute of Palliative Care Annexure 5.
  • This indeed will be the state of the art; modern looking and largest custom designed Institute of Palliative Care of sub-continent.


  • A charity organization aims to serve humanity by providing the needy
  • the poor
  • orphans
  • discarded and dejected people of a society.
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