NAME                                                    WAQAR SALEEM

                                                                        Consultant Clinical Oncologist

ADDRESS                                                    138 Rickmansworth Road

Watford, Herts. WD18 8WL

TELEPHONE                                                 07830040762

E-mail                                                             waqar.saleem@nhs.net


NATIONALITY                                           British / Pakistani

GMC Reg. No.                                                604 83 89 Full Registration + Licence to Practice. On Specialist Register



  • MB BS
  • MRCP
  • FRCR
  • MSc Oncology




Consultant Clinical Oncologist in Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London; providing services across multiple sites: Charing Cross Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

Sub-specialist in cancers of nervous system, urological malignancies, skin cancers and Acute Oncology. I specialize in delivery of Stereotactic Radiosurgery / Radiotherapy for intracranial lesions and have access to linear accelerator and Gamma Knife platforms.

I am also helping develop extra-cranial stereotactic radiotherapy service at the trust.

I am a member of Royal College of Radiologists Clinical Oncology Professional Learning & Development subcommittee and Imperial College Oncology Local Faculty Group. I am Unit Training Lead for Oncology SHOs and Acute Oncology Teaching lead.

I am also on the communication skills training faculty, responsible for providing training across the trust.






Clinical Fellow Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Acute Oncology – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.


London Deanery Clinical Oncology Specialist Training

Worked in approved training scheme in various specialist cancer centers and university hospitals across London


Core Medical Training

Worked as an SHO in a variety of medical specialties: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Endocrinology, Care of Elderly, Stroke, Respiratory Medicine & Emergency Medicine


Pre-Registration House Officer

General Medicine and General + Orthopaedic Surgery




  • Hands-on Volumetric Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning:10.16-04.11.16; InHolland Academy, Holland
  • MSc Oncology at Institute of Cancer Research, London
  • National Advanced Communication Skills Training Programme: 14-15.03.16; St. Joseph’s Hospice, London
  • Image Guided Radiotherapy in Clinical Practice: 25-27.02.16; Royal Marsden Hospital, London
  • RCR Training the Trainers Course: 23-24.02.16; Royal College of Radiologists, London
  • Introduction to Solution Focussed Practice: 08-11.12.15; BRIEF, London
  • RCR Supervisor Skills in Clinical Oncology Training:12.15; Royal College of Radiologists, London
  • RCR Management for Oncologists: 23-25.11.15; Royal College of Radiologists, London
  • Exercise Medical Stretch – Leadership Course: 10-11.10.15; 254 Medical Regiment, Grantham, Lincolnshire
  • ICH Good Clinical Practice Refresher: 09.15; Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Mddx.
  • Advanced Life Support: 09/05/2015; Hillingdon Hospital, London
  • SAGE&THYME Foundation Training: 27/09/13; Hammersmith Hospital, London
  • Junior Doctors – End of Life Care: 19/11/2009; Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Mddx.
  • Essential Communication Skills: 13/11/2009; Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, Mddx.
  • Palliative Care Course: 11’ 18 & 23.02.05; NHS Shetland




  • 4th Meeting of the British Radiosurgery Society – 28.03.2017; Oxford
  • 1st UK Radiosurgery Summit – 12.09.2016; London
  • BUG Meeting for Trainees in Uro-Oncology – 05-06.02.16; London
  • Acute Oncology 2016 – 15.01.16; Royal Society of Medicine, London
  • MVCC Schwartz Round – ‘Compassionate Care – How Do I Keep Giving’ – 08.10.15; Mount Vernon Hospital, Mddx.
  • Clinical Oncology Regional training Day on Novel Radiotherapy Techniques –  21.01.2015; St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London
  • Dr. FotiosLoupakis: European Perspective on Role of Biologics in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (update from ESMO 2014) – 09.10.2014; Roya Free Hospital, London
  • Sydney’s Surfing Selection: 15th World Lung Conference Highlights – 14.11.13; London
  • Eisai: First Thoughts in Breast Cancer – 30.01.13; London
  • Angiogenesis and the Sequencing of Biologics in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer – 28.11.12; Charing Cross Hospital, London
  • Electro-chemotherapy – 16.11.12; Charing Cross Hospital, London
  • Preservation of Fertility in women treated for Breast Cancer – 19.10.12; Charing Cross Hospital, London
  • The Way Forward in Metastatic Breast Cancer – 22.05.12; London
  • The 18th Practical Management of Thoracic Tumors – 16.11.11; London
  • Mount Vernon Regional Lung Cancer Meeting – 20.05.10; St. Albans. Herts.
  • Weekly MDTs, Clinical Governance meetings, Journal Clubs & SpR teaching sessions




  • Glynne-Jones R, Saleem W, Harrison M, Mawdsley S, Hall M.

Background and Current Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anus. Oncol Ther. 2016;4(2):135-172

  • Identifying palliative radiotherapy in a national radiotherapy dataset – a single centre pilot study: poster presentation at Sharing the Vision for World-class Radiotherapy, Manchester, March 2017
  • Prevalence of Vasomotor and Psychological Symptoms in Prostate Cancer patients receiving hormonal therapy – Results from a single institution experience: poster presentation at ASCO 2014 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium. JCO Abstract 2014:283 Vol 32 No 4 February Supplement
  • IMRT-SIB for treating the Prostate & Pelvic Nodes in high risk localised and locally advanced prostate cancer: experience of first 100 patients: poster presentation at NCRI – Nov. 2014
  • Gorog DA, Saraf S, Salha IB, Sharma S, Saleem W

Measurement of clopidogrel resistance by ADP inhibition does not reflect the benefit of clopidogrel on overall thrombotic status. Journal of American College of Cardiology 2008; 51(10): A335

  • Y. Ling, W. Saleem and C.D. Shee

Concomitant use of B-Blockers and B2-Agonists. European Respiratory Journal 2008 31: 905-90

  • Actively involved in identification, recruitment, consent and follow-up of cancer patients in trials


  • Extreme Hypofractionated External Beam Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer – Comparison of Cyberknife & VMAT (MSc Dissertation)




  • Audit of Kadcyla use in Lister Hospital Breast Cancer Patients
  • Gating for Breast Cancer
  • PET CT in Advanced Head & Neck Cancer: prognostic role
  • Capecitabine Toxicity Audit
  • Telephone Chemotherapy Clinic
  • Radiotherapy Cancellations in Mount Vernon Cancer Centre
  • Acute Oncology teaching & training lead. Also involved in delivery of Acute Onoclogy teaching across Imperial College healthcare NHS Trust
  • Unit Training Lead for Oncology SHOs and Mentor for Specialist Nurse Practitioners
  • Oncology Local Faculty Group member
  • Member of RCR CO-PLD subcommittee
  • Communication Skills Training faculty member
  • Written and updated Palliative Radiotherapy Competency Module for Mount Vernon Hospital
  • Several SpR & SHO teaching sessions conducted over last few years
  • Nurses Mandatory Chemotherapy Training: Interpreting Blood Results – June & October 2015 and February & May 2016
  • Year 4 Medical Student Tutorials (UCL): Prostate & Breast Cancer – July 2014 & October 2014
  • Year 4 Medical Student Bedside Teaching (UCL)History Taking, CVS & Resp. System – September 2014
  • Principles & Applications of Radiotherapy lecture to BSc students – October 2013
  • Oncological Emergencies lecture to Year 5 Medical Students – Feb. 2013




  • Organised FRCR Part II Examination in Mount Vernon Hospital twice – Autumn 2015 & Spring 2016
  • Responsible for organizing weekly Oncology Seminars & SpR Teaching in RFH
  • Active participation in day to day ward management. Like to take initiative
  • Responsible for maintenance of departmental library in the Dept. of Clinical Oncology in North Middlesex University Hospital
  • Organising  member of a team participating in Western Union Cricket League
  • Sports Secretary in medical college. Organised annual sports week and college teams for university tournaments
  • On the Editorial Board for the medical college magazine—– SHIFA
  • Helping establish Pakistan’s first palliative care facility in Cancer Care Hospital & Research Centre




Comfortable in the use of PINNACLE, PROSOMA, ECLIPSE, ONCENTRA (OTP) and BRAINLAB radiotherapy planning systems


Competent in the use of Chemocare & Aria chemotherapy prescribing systems


Familiar with Electronic Clinical Communication systems, EPR, CERNER, Pathology databases and PACS software in use in various hospitals


Well versed in the use of Microsoft Office, including MS Word, Excel & Power Point. Competent in the use of Internet and internet based learning resources




  • Keen sports person. Have won several prizes in various sporting events and debating competitions
  • Watch and play cricket and football. Vice-captained medical college cricket team
  • Read literature on current affairs and complex historical problems having a bearing on the world today















Dr. Matthew Williams

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Charing Cross Hospital

Fulham Palace Road


W6 8RF


020 3311 8427




Dr. Nihal Shah

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Mount Vernon Hospital

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01923 844 4012




Dr. Rob Glynne-Jones

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Mount Vernon Hospital

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